Thursday, April 24, 2008

Paul Revere & The Raiders Re-vealed: 16 Magazine photo-spread, 1967

It may not have been exactly the height of Rock Journalism, but if you were a teenybopper in the latter part of the 1960's, 16 Magazine was the place to get your fix of all your fave fab popstars.

It had taken Paul Revere & the Raiders several years to find the right formula for the successful run they had in the latter half of the '60's - - the years when they were regulars in the pages of 16.

From the band's origins in Boise, Idaho in 1958, through several stops and starts and personnel changes heading into the early '60's, it wasn't until around 1965 that things came together for them with just the right sound, the right vibe, gimmicks, and line-up.

The article below ▼ gave readers a 'revealing' look at the individual members...

Paul Revere, keyboards
Mark Lindsay, vocals & saxophone
Phil 'Fang' Volk, bass guitar
Mike Smith, drums
Jim 'Harpo' Valley, lead guitar

(click on images to enlarge groovy pin-ups in a dreamy new window)

◀ In '67, your subscription to 16 could also merit a Paul Revere & The Raiders poster, PLUS posters of Herman's Hermits AND
Dino, Desi & Billy!!!

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ADDENDUM, 4/28/08: Big thanks to Ward Jenkins for his note - -
"I scanned in some 16 Magazine covers that my mom had when she was a teeny-bopper during the Beatles hey day. Makes for some interesting reading."

- Here's a link to his blog entry at Ward-O-Matic, and also to the full 'My Mom's 16 Magazines' flickr set.

Below: ▼ Back cover wackiness.

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