Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Heavy Metal Memories:Turning pages, 1977 - 1981 (flickr link)

- Please follow this link to my flickr set of 101 images gleaned from a stack of old Heavy Metals!

Heavy Metal first saw print in the U.S. in 1977, almost 3 years after the original French comics magazine,
Métal Hurlant ('Screaming Metal') had been created.

Flipping through the pages in my own mounds of old issues, I found that it's not just the stories that bring back memories (perhaps a bit faded, a bit dated) - -
it's the ads and other bits and pieces that make the experience.

Follow the link to a completely non-definitive glance at some of those memories, often having very little to do with the actual content of the magazine. (Whaaa??)

I drew the line (for now) at 1981.
The magazine was changing then, and I was recently out of high school, so I suppose I was too...

- - And for other HM reference, follow links to:

- The official Heavy Metal website, which includes material pertaining to the current magazine, as well as galleries and other features from the magazine's history.

- A Heavy Metal Magazine Fan Page

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all this.
Heavy Metal was a huge part of my life in that era. I not only had aspirations to draw for it someday, but devoured Lou Stathis' music column. That and other articles became my guide through the snakey maze of mutant culture. Looking back through my nearly complete collection of its monthly run, I recently came to the conclusion that for me, it went into a slow decline after 1980. I still got it for years, finally stopping around '85 or so.

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