Monday, June 2, 2008

Bo Diddley, 1928 - 2008. No Mo' Bo.

- - or, 'Just 79, and I don't mind dyin''.

Well, shoot.
Bo Diddley has left us, and once again it's just another end to just another era.

You can read Bo Diddley's AP obituary from Monday's Orlando Sentinel, or likely you won't have to surf far online for plenty of info and background and more.

I've always loved his music.
I never got to see Bo Diddley perform live, but I've known many folks who did, and heard stories told by many more.

One thing that's always struck me was the common elements of so many of the stories; Great show, great performer, a little salty sometimes and unapologetic about it.
Never seemed to miss an opportunity to talk about the bottom line and getting underpaid, certainly with plenty of experience of getting screwed by the music business.
- - But somehow he manged to make elements of bitter crankiness part of his charm and his own brand of warmth.
- - And he just kept on performing, right up until he couldn't.

So now he can relax and let it all go, secure in the knowledge that he left behind a fine legacy, a boatload of great music, and influenced a great many artists along the way.

The Gunslinger, ▶
Guy Peelaert's 'Rock Dreams', 1973

Below, ▼ detail from 'Rock Toons', 1986, art by Serge Dutfoy.

◀'Collage Drawing' by Opal Louis Nations, 1980

(Please see previous post for more of Nation's artwork)

See also my previous Bo Diddley post, featuring a 45 from 1966, and links to info about a great CD reissue of some music from his early '70's funk period.

Lastly, some links to a few choice and vintage video clips:
- 'Road Runner' - 1960 TV appearance

- 'Bo Diddley' -late '60's/early '70's TV appearance

- 'Mona' - '72 UK rock festival

- 'Bodiddleyitis' - - some psychedelaerobics from another festival in roughly the same period

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