Saturday, June 7, 2008

Danny Zella and his Zell Rocks - Black Saxs (1958)

A hot 'n' snotty instrumental out of Detroit, "...sounding like the MC5 and the Stooges, (circa) 1958!"

That's what Cub Koda said in a Danny Zella mini-bio he wrote for the All Music Guide - -

"Danny Zella was the first Detroit rock & roller of the
non-Caucasian persuasion to hit the national charts, a
300-pound-plus bruiser who honked an alto sax with more enthusiasm than precision and bellowed out vocals more savage than tuneful.

"He fronted a combo called the Zell Rocks who chopped down the trees in the late-'50s rock & roll wilderness of the Midwest, making it possible for all who came after (Mitch Ryder, the MC5, etc.) to ride down the newly paved highway of Motor City musical mayhem."

'Black Saxs' (sic) is the flipside to a Zella vocal number,
'Wicked Ruby', which can be found on a few oldies CD comps.

This and several other Zellrocks cuts were re-issued a few years back on a couple of 7" EPs; you might click over to the
Norton Records website and see if they're still available...

Listen to:
Danny Zella and his Zell Rocks - Black Saxs
(Fox Records 45, 1958)
(click for audio)


Anonymous said...

hey, could you post the flip of "Wicked Ruby" if you've got it? My daughter Ruby would love it!

Fabulous blog - if I didn't mention, really appreciated the Ruth Buzzi feature.


The In Crowd said...

Hey, psb - -

Thanks for your kind comment, glad you're enjoying the blog.

Though I'd love to please your own Wicked Ruby, I try to avoid posting tracks that are commercially available.

(so maybe drop me an e-mail?)

Unknown said...

Two weeks ago I found a copy of "Wicked Ruby" for a quarter at a local thrift shop. You never know what treasure is out there waiting to be found. I had never heard of Danny Zella. I wonder what became of him.

Ralph Valente said...

Hey Cuz! May you rest in peace. One day we'll be together again. Your turn to buy.

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