Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dave Dudley - George And The North Woods (1969)

I guess I can't stay away - - My road just winds back again to country singer Dave Dudley (1926 - 2003).

Recorded during his fertile period with the Mercury label, this 1969 album is another good example of how easy it could be for him to stray from his 'typecast' image and perform songs that weren't about big trucks.

Some great songs, and as always, what a great voice!

Including four original songs by Dudley, a couple from Tom T. Hall (always a perfect fit for Dave) and a couple more covers from 'new kids' John Forgerty and Bob Dylan, the album stacks up nicely.
(DO NOT miss track #3: 'Somewhere')

- Click here to see album credits and personnel, song lyrics, and liner notes by William T. Anderson (editor, Country Song Roundup Magazine), courtesy of LP Discography.

From Dave Dudley's LP
'George And The North Woods'
(Mercury Records, 1969),
Listen to:

George (And The North Woods)
Gettin' Back Together
It's Not A Very Pleasant Day Today
Cold Wind Through Georgia
Running With The Wind
Bad Moon Rising
Blowin' In The Wind
That's How I Got To Memphis
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
Stuck On Jeannie

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- - OR download all 11 tracks in one 27.6 Mb zipfile.
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Timmy said...

Oh, yeah, thank God you love Dave Dudley! Ifn's you dig him, you must be aware of Dick Curless, right? Dick, seems to me, Mr. Dudley's mentor. I don't mean to take away from Dave here, but oh, hell, Dick Curless's tune "Tombstone Every Mile" is one of God's top 10 all-time greatest songs...

stricki said...

Great sounding LP!! Thanks heaps.

Doug said...

Excellent album.Thanks for both 'George And The North Woods' and 'Lonelyville'.Very much appreciated.

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