Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rocky Rockvam Trio - I've Got An Ache

A bouncy little number that adds nicely to the tradition of songs in which the singer lists the 'medical' symptoms of his love-sick condition.

There's no readily available information regarding Rocky Rockvam, his trio, or the Terri Records label.

UPDATE, 9/17/08: Bless the power of the internet! - - And big thanks to members of the Rockvam family for contributing some information about Rocky and the origins of this record.
So far, they've estimated the release date to have been sometime around 1963 or after.
Please read the comments on this post!

Any (more) info that any of you might have is also welcomed; Please add a comment or drop an e-mail.

Listen to:
Rocky Rockvam Trio -
I've Got An Ache

(Terri Records 45, circa 1963)
(click for audio)

(This was another generous loan from the Slipcue 45 collection.
Thanks again to Joe Sixpack!)


DJWildBill said...

Well, I must say that I like the song. Whoever he was and wherever he was from, had he appeared on the Lawrence Welk Show he'd have found a buying audience for his music. It's bouncy and jaunty and for some reason reminds me of George Goebel. The Hammond organ music sounds as though its about to stray into the "Baby Elephant Walk" and there are a few places where the words don't quite fit so our hero singer speeds up to spit them all out. A little lyrical editing would have done wonders. Nonetheless, I like the song. It's one I'll listen to on the way to work. I might even roll the windows down and crank up the volume to annoy teenagers stopped next to me at intersections.

Donna Lethal said...

Welk is in the air! I just did a "caption this" picture:

I love songs about ailments.

Anonymous said...

This my Grand Father, Rocky Rockvam.

I had a lot of copies of this from when I grew up but hadn't had one out in a while.

He would be happy to see it on the Internet.


The In Crowd said...


Hi David - - Thanks for getting in touch. Love to hear any details about your grandfather, his singing career and this record that you'd care to share. Feel free anytime.

Greg Rockvam said...

Eugene "Rocky" Rockvam was my Father. Unfortunately he passed away nine years ago.

My Dad was married to my Mom for 50+ years before he died.

My Dad wrote "I've Got An Ache" for my Mom. Her name is Fontella Rockvam but goes by the name "Terri". So that is where the record label "Terri Records" came from.

I remember going with my Dad when I was 11 or 12 years old to all of the record companies in Southern California when he was trying to get the record published. I remember going to the Capital Records building along with many, many others. We would go into a producers office and he would put this little record on his turntable and unfortunately the answer was always something like, great song, sorry can't us it.

My dad never made it as a recording star but was always around the music industry for his entire career. He owned a music store in Scottsdale, Az. until he retired and moved back to my Mom's home town of Fresno, Ca.

I don't have an exact date of when he wrote this song but I believe it to be about 1946 after he returned from WWII and met my Mother.

Thank you so much for finding this and making it available to so many people. My Dad would be very proud to know that so many people have access to his song.

Greg Rockvam

PS. Earlier comment left by DRockvam. DRockvam is my son.

The In Crowd said...

Greg - -


It makes me happy to share little-known records like this one. It's a richer experience when people can add in their own knowledge about it, but best of all is when that knowledge comes from a personal connection.

I'm sorry your father is no longer around to hear his song playing on the internet, but I'm very pleased to have you take the time to relate your memories and give your blessing.
You've made my day!

That's a great story about you and your Dad shopping the record around, even if it resulted in a string of rejections.

Do you recall approximately what year the 'Terri' label record was released?

Thanks again, and all the best to you and David and the rest of the Rockvam family!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, this is great! My Dad would be so happy! I am Rocky's daughter, Greg's sister and David's aunt.

I remember when Dad was sitting in the living room of our Fresno, California home writing this song down on paper! I think it was around the mid 1960's. Like my brother, I remember going to Hollywood with him, specifically to the Capitol record building. He was really talented this way, too bad he couldn't get a break. I just knew that Dean Martin, Tony Bennet or Dad could have had a big hit with this or more so with his other recording "See How You Are," both written for my Mom, "Terri." I'll as Terri tonight about the date, and I'll comment again.

Thank you to whomever found this and shared it - I'm glad people will be able to hear him again.

Suzan Rockvam

Unknown said...

Terri, the label's namesake, says "I've Got an Ache" was from the 40's, probably after the WWII, as my brother said. It was probably 1963 that the TERRI label was created - about the same time that he wrote the song I mentioned earlier, "See How You Are," for Terri. That's the song that Terri likes the best of the ones that Rocky wrote.

Suzan Rockvam

Anonymous said...

TK4M-7034 = record was mastered by RCA sometime in the second half of 1966.

Anonymous said...

I just had this forwarded to me from a friend of my name is Greg Rockvam as well. My father and grandfather all go by "Rocky" (it is pretty common with our last name). I believe I talked to David Rockvam a few years ago when we found out that his dad (Greg Rockvam) and I (also Greg Rockvam) were living in the same town...Crazy! The song is the other Rockvams...look me up and shoot me an email...

Anonymous said...

I was getting really creeped out reading this... my uncles name is "Rocky" Rockvam, and his son my cousion Greg Rockvam so i was a little weirded out. Better now though, i figured it out, but hey... good song, nice music!!

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