Friday, September 26, 2008

Samuel L. Jackson: Pop Culture Icon and Muse

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Samuel L. Jackson has the distinction of being an actor who's fun to watch, even if a few of the movies he's appeared in are virtually unwatchable.

He can transcend dreck with talent and likability.

I'd like to call your attention to the video-clip roster I found recently at Blog of Hilarity:
'The 11 best film moments of Samuel L. Jackson yelling'
(via IMDb)

In putting together this post I was having trouble finding a photo of Sam in the act of raising his voice.

That was surprising enough, but more surprising were the amount of caricatures, portraits and other creative visions of Mr. Jackson's features that can be found on the net.

You can click on these upper five ▲ to be taken to info about the artists or the image's origins...

... while these bottom few ▼ are results from a 2006 '6 Degrees of Samuel L. Jackson' photoshop contest that ran at
Follow the link to marvel at dozens of other results!

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