Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Print Ads for NYC fine dining, 1962

It's 1962, you're in NYC, and the question is;
Where to eat before attending that big Broadway show?

- - Or perhaps where to grab a drink after...?

These ads appeared in the same issue of Theatre Arts magazine as last week's Zero Mostel photo spread...


bRENDAsTUKA said...

I wonder if any of them are still there in any form?

Percy Trout said...

@#$%! Now I'm starvin'.

Thalia Menninger said...

"Duckling Flambe'"

GOD, I love The Sixties.

"Hurry up, Harold! Curtain goes up at Camelot in thirty minutes, and I want to see if the girl who replaced Julie Andrews is any good..."

Donna Lethal said...

Yes, a few of them are - the Algonquin is, and possibly L'Aiglon. I love when they'd name the host and/or the pianist!

Anonymous said...

This is staggering, nostalgia aside for a minute. I come from the midwest, and it's obvious from this sampling that, to this day, there are more restaurants in the relatively small patch of the planet these ads cover than in a 300 sq mile radius of my house. Just amazing.

Thanks for the post.

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