Wednesday, December 3, 2008

(link:) R. Crumb's new 'Flesh & Blood Comics' in Point d’ironie #45

Always nice to hear tell of any new sightings of Robert Crumb's work, especially if it's a bit off-the-beaten-path.

Point d’ironie is a nifty, high-falutin' artsy freebie tabloid-newspaper-styled magazine that comes out roughly six times a year and can be found around the world in various bookshops, galleries, museums, etc.

Each issue is given over to a different artist; issue #45 features some recent work by Crumb, some of which you can see here, below.

Follow the Point d’ironie link (specifically to issue #45) to view more.

Elsewhere in recent Crumb sightings, if you saw this year's 'Cartoon Issue' of The New Yorker (November 3, 2008) you probably enjoyed the
4-page comics 'jam' by Robert, Aline and Sophie Crumb.

Over at The Official
R. Crumb Website
there's further background on the tale of their travels to the huge Crumb Family Reunion in Minnesota this past summer that serves as a nice follow-up to the New Yorker piece.

Click on the 'previous post' link of the
'Where's Crumb?' section for details and photos, as well as the 'Family History' link.

Fun stuff!

Meanwhile, Crumb's massive adaptation of the bible's Book of Genesis is said to be near completion, and (after several years in the making) may perhaps finally see print in 2009.


Timmy said...

Nice. A great thing to have madmen loose in this stickley world. Thanx for keeping Crumb alive in our sites...

floyd barber said...

Mr. Crumb is my hero.

Diegogue said...

great blog! there's a lot of info here

Michele said...

Yes, thank you for the Crumb updates. Interesting. Long Draw the Crumb (like Long Live the King only different? Oh well...)!

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