Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pearl S. Buck's 'A Christmas Miniature', illustrated by the Disney Studios (1956 magazine feature)

In addition to all of her other works during her long career, Nobel and Pulitzer prize-winning author Pearl S. Buck wrote several 'juvenile fiction' Christmas-related stories.

This 'storybook insert' originally ran in the December, 1956 issue of Family Circle magazine (the same issue that provided last week's
Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy 'Night(mare) before Christmas'

The story was published in hardback form the following year, with different (non-Disney) artwork.

Other than "Visualized by
Walt Disney and Staff", I'm not finding any credit for individual artists on this piece.

If you have any insights or clues, I'd love to hear about it - - leave a comment or drop a line.

In 1956, Disney was running full-steam with their brand-new Anaheim theme park and two popular TV shows.

More and more of their visual output on TV and in theaters was live-action. Disney animation was still producing theatrical shorts, had released the feature-length 'Lady and The Tramp' the previous year, and began production in '56 for the 1959 release of 'Sleeping Beauty'.

So far, I see no evidence to suggest that there had been any plans by the Disney studios to produce an animated version of Pearl Buck's 'A Christmas Miniature'. Again, any info you might have on the topic is appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Nice feature, thanks. Amazing that it still is in such good condition!

Martin Klasch said...

How charming! Thanks!

Craig D said...

And, on a related note...

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

While I don't know who did these drawings but the title page suggests that Bill Beet had something to do with the design of the boy.
Or maybe it's just someone inspired by his style...
Anyway, thanks for sharing these!

LaVonne said...

What a sweet story about a rodent infestation!
Actually, it is very nice and the yellowing of the pages around the edges gives it such a warm, antique look.

Anonymous said...

I think Joakim means "Bill Peet" [not Beet]. Yes, it does look like his style.

My mother bought this magazine in 1956, read it to me [I was 5], saved it & read it to me every year until I could read it myself. 40 yrs later, I read it to my daughter. I still have it.

Carol said...

My mother bought this the month I turned one. She saved it, and even bound the edge with yellow book tape. I still have it and treasure it and other stories she saved about the same time “Madeline and the Gypsies” (McCall’s, 1958] and “The Little Lame Lamb: A Story about St. Francis and the First Nativity” (Family Circle, Dec 1957).

Unknown said...

My mother gave me my grandmother's scrapbook and the paper bugs had eaten the last line of the last page. Thank you for posting this so that we know how the story ends. My grandson and her great-great grandson will be so happy.

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