Friday, September 7, 2007

78s fRom HeLL: Ted Heath and his Music - Stomp And Whistle b/w Bernie's Tune (1954)

Ted Heath (1900 - 1969) was a British dance band leader who was hugely popular there throughout the 1950's.

He'd performed with other bands going back to the 1920's, and formed his own in 1944.

Listening to his music from this period with American ears, I'm always struck by his approach to swing and jazz - -

A combination of innovative and playful licks, combined with that British dance band sense of... what is it? Reserve? Decorum?
No, that's not fair or exactly accurate...

... I guess I'll just have to call it a 'Trans-Atlantic Otherness' for now and leave it at that.

- - But that sound works well for me, make no mistake.

Both of these sides were recorded in London on
November 29, 1954.

Session line-up: :

Trumpet - Bobby Pratt,
Duncan Campbell, Eddie Blair, Bert Ezzard

Trombone - Wally Smith,
Don Lusher, Jimmy Coombes,
Ric Kennedy

Alto Sax - Roy Willox, Les Gilbert

Clarinet - Henry McKenzie

Tenor Sax - Danny Moss

Baritone Sax - George Hunter

Piano - Frank Horrox

Bass - Johnny Hawksworth

Drums - Ronnie Verrell

Listen to:
Ted Heath and his Music -
Stomp And Whistle

(London Records 78, 1954)

(click for audio)

Listen to:
Ted Heath and his Music -
Bernie's Tune

(London Records 78, 1954)

(click for audio)

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Boursin said...

Wow... "Stomp and Whistle" was written and originally recorded by the Chicago blues guitarist Danny Overbea, but I had no idea about this version. Interestingly enough, Overbea's "Forty Cups of Coffee" also attracted white covers - from Bill Haley, Ella Mae Morse, and in Britain big band leader Sid Phillips, one of Ted Heath's competitors.

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