Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A little more Village Music reminiscing

As the end-of-the-month closing date for my old home-town collector's record shop grows closer, I searched around and found just a few more links to additional bits and pieces pertaining to Village Music...

(You can also follow this link to my previous post on the subject. It includes some news links that'll give you a little more background info.)

- 'Goodbye Village Music', a little video tour/tribute posted at MarinNostalgia.org.

- Below, check out some hand-held over-the-shoulder footage of Elvis Costello from an intimate in-store performance at Village Music on 5/3/07, posted at YouTube.

As a reaction to record-shopping there, he sings 'One's too many, a hundred's not enough'...

- Follow this link for some more performance clips from that same Costello in-store appearance.

- - And here's an older item, going back to 2001, it's a segment from a local TV news magazine.

Beyond showing the store, the focus is on it's uncertain future in the face of soaring rents and a changing music industry - - the same old story, just a few years earlier.

Village Music mini-doc, 1.12.01

This was one of several occasions when Village managed or was granted a reprieve, but that's not the case this month.

It's just another end to just another era.

My memories of Village Music will be fond ones!

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Anonymous said...

this is a sad story, and this type of thing is happening all too frequently. You may have heard that Spillers Records in Cardiff, Wales is in danger of the same thing due to rent increases. This is quite possibly the oldest record store in the world, I urge you to go to their website www.spillersrecords.co.uk and sign the petition.

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