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The Phantoms - Wheels... and Other Guitar Hits (circa 1962?)

Canada's Arc Records was a budget label similar to the Crown label in the U.S.

The label was one of the first to promote Canadian music, and several Canadian artists had their first recordings released on Arc, including Anne Murray.

But another of Arc's specialties was releasing 'sound-alike' albums of top pop hits covered by Canadian artists and session musicians, as part of the CRTC's Canadian Content rule.

(ADDENDUM, 8/12/08: Please check comments on this post for some helpful info and clarifications regarding the Arc label and the CanCon rules. Many thanks to folks in the know for sharing!)

Judging by the vintage of 'Wheels' and the other hit instrumental tunes covered on this album, an educated guess places its release somewhere around the end of 1962.

But judging by the back-cover roster of other albums available on the label, it looks like this pressing of the album is from a run issued roughly 6 years later, towards the end of the sixties.

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From The Phantoms'
'Wheels... and Other Guitar Hits' LP,
(Arc Records LP, circa 1962), Listen to:

Guitar Boogie Shuffle
Walk Don't Run
Ballad of Paladin
White Silver Sands
Peter Gunn
Walk On The Wild Side
Ghost Riders In The Sky

(click for audio)

- - OR download all 12 tracks in one 25.1 Mb zipfile.

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Anonymous said...

Much of ARC's output predates CRTC CanCon regulations which didn't come into effect until 1972. The "Phantoms" aren't necessarily Canadian as ARC also licensed recordings from other countries. Wheels must have been a big seller because ARC released a sequel (the name of which escapes me). ARC records are in abundant supply in thrift stores here.

Anonymous said...

This is really great. Being Canadian, I've found tons of great Arc records at flea markets etc. Unfortunately, I have no more info about the Phantoms, beyond this album. Some other good Canadian labels are Banff and Condor.

Kliph Nesteroff said...

I was going to say the same thing RE: CanCon, ARC Records was on the way out by the time the CanCon rules were introduced. They ventured into distribution and the re-issue of the same tired old titles in the late seventies and into the eighties.

I've been planning on writing something on the label for some time but other projects keep taking priority.

I love your site.

Lamy said...

I'm searchin' Phantom Guitar by The Phantoms. Please!!! Por favor!!!!

Anonymous said...

This album was played on 8-track too in around 1974 or before.

Anonymous said...

congratulations boy| there's long
time that i was searching this LP.
my brother-in-law had bought it.
i was teenager at this time, it's
the great memory for me.
thanks for sharing...

lancelot- from mtl,canada

april 14,2013 at 10:30 pm

Unknown said...

The Phantoms was the anglicized name of Montreal based instrumental (surf) guitar bad Les Fantômes. They put out several albums under the Disques Vogue label. I believe they started in 1962 at the height of the Big Guitar era and disbanded in ‘65 or ‘66

Unknown said...

Cool man! The only info I’ve found anywhere. Thanks!

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