Monday, July 14, 2008

Selections from Jimmy Smith's 'Monster' (1965)

Soul-jazz pioneer of the Hammond B-3 organ Jimmy Smith released a stellar string of albums on the Verve label in the 1960's.

'Monster' may have been a lesser link in that chain of LP's, but the record doesn't deserve the bad rap it's received over the years.
Likely it's been maligned because the choice of material runs heavy on TV and movie theme songs, or perhaps because the arrangements run heavier on reeds than most of Smith's other albums of that period.

In fact, those same choices make 'Monster' an interesting album - - that all but a couple of it's tracks have so far avoided reissue also adds to its flavor...

Produced by Creed Taylor, with Oliver Nelson as arranger/conductor, the session personnel includes:
Jerome Richardson, Phil Woods, Budd Johnson, George Dorsey, Harvey Estrin, Robert Ashton, Danny Banks, and Ray Beckenstein doubling on assorted reeds and woodwinds, Kenny Burrell on guitar, Richard Davis on bass, and Grady Tate on drums.

From Jimmy Smith's
'Monster' LP,
(Verve Records, 1965), Listen to:

Goldfinger (Part 1)
Goldfinger (Part 2)
Gloomy Sunday
Theme From 'Bewitched'
Theme From 'The Munsters'
Theme From 'The Man With The Golden Arm'
The Creeper

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