Wednesday, December 19, 2007

78s fRom HeLL: Renato Carosone - The Little Alarm Clock / My Luciana (circa 1956)

Singer / Pianist / Bandleader Renato Carosone (1920 - 2001) remains much beloved in Italy, but it appears that his name hasn't been heard very often here in the US since the 1950's.

- From his entry at allmusic.Com:

"Renato Carosone is regarded as the father of Neapolitan singing, bringing elements of jazz and swing into traditional, Italian songbook.

"Carosene was born on January 3, 1920, and started his singing career at the age of 17 after studying piano at a conservatory.

"He was best known for his 1956 hit about postwar Italy, 'Tu Vo' Fa l'Americano', which translates to 'You Want to Play the American'.

"Other hit songs of Carosone's include 'Maruzzella' and 'O Sarracino'. Though he revolutionized the genre in his home country, he also internationalized Italian song."

This VERY worn 78 was released in the US. I'm assuming it was a US-market follow-up to his song 'Torero', which had charted well in the States in '58.

(ADDENDUM, 12/26/07: Turns out I'm mistaken. This was issued in '56, before 'Torero'. See comments)

Apologies for the terribly rough sound quality on the first side of this disc...

...though I think it carries a certain authentic charm as a testament to how well-loved it was by a previous owner.

Especially as the B-side is delightfully clean by comparison...

Listen to:
Renato Carosone & his Quartet -
The Little Alarm Clock (La Sveglietta)

(Capitol 78, circa 1956)

(click for audio)

Listen to:
Renato Carosone & his Quartet - My Luciana ('A Luciana)
(Capitol 78, circa 1956)

(click for audio)

See also:
- The official Renato Carosone website, in English and

- A nice biography page at Sorrento Radio.Com.

- Carosene discography & guide for American collectors at
HYP Records' Vinyl Safari

...And via YouTube:
- Below, a clip of the Renato Carosone Sextet performing their rollicking hit song,
'Tu Vuo' Fa' L'Americano', ⬇ as seen in the 1958 film 'Totò, Peppino e le fanatiche'.

- and here below ⬇, what looks to be a TV performance following Carosone's 1975 comeback, reprising 'Torero', his huge international hit from '58, presented with a 'modernized' arrangement.


Anonymous said...

The catalogue number actually places this in September 1956, more than a year and a half before "Torero". It's between Gene Vincent's "Race With The Devil" (3530) and "Bluejean Bop" (3558), both of which were reviewed in Billboard that month.

Unknown said...

Thanks for record. Track A i know in version Domenico Modugino - modungnos sing original version.

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