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In Crowd of the month: Larry Nelson's (Knechtel's?) 'In' Harmonica (1965)

ADDENDUM, 12/02/07: I've reconfigured yesterday's post just a bit, and made the follow-up the lead.

This morning I received a note from session guitarist Don Peake, ➤
and I think it serves as a better intro and answers more questions than my little bit of homework.

Here's what Don had to say...

Hi There,

My name is Don Peake, and I just read your posting regarding the Larry Nelson LP.
Wow! I didn't even remember that session until I saw your post.

I believe that what you have there is a rare recording of the "Wrecking Crew" with Hal Blaine as our fearless leader.
Larry Nelson sure looks a lot like my friend Larry Knechtel, who went on to found the group "Bread".
The musician list is definitely the "Wrecking Crew".

We all were in Nashville, Tennesee on November 26th, 2007 for a reunion and to be inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame, along with the Memphis Boys, the Funk Brothers and many more.

Best Wishes,
Don Peake

Many thanks Don, and congratulations on the recent Hall of Fame induction!


In the mid-sixties, the Folk-Rock sound was 'in', and this recording by The Wrecking Crew was like some sort of 'Invasion of the Sixties Session Men'.

Billy Preston was playing organ on this track - - probably just a few months before releasing his own version of this song on his next solo LP...

Album personnel:

Larry Nelson, harmonica
Billy Preston, organ
Al Casey, guitar
Don Peake, guitar
Stuart Chadley, guitar
Jerry Cole, fender bass
Hal Blaine, drums

- Follow the link to view the album's back-cover liner notes in a new window.

From the LP 'A Taste of Honey and Other Goodies'
(World Pacific Records, 1965),
listen to:

Larry Nelson - The "In" Crowd
(click for audio)

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