Thursday, December 20, 2007

(link:) 'Invaders from the Ice World!' (1957 comics story)

Big thanks to Tom, a recent visitor who was nice enough to drop me an e-mail, and kind enough to share the fantastic seasonal image below...

Big thanks also to Sleestak at Lady, That's My Skull, who was brilliant enough to have been on top of things and already have the story all blogged up.

- Follow link to: 'Invaders from the Ice World!'
Once there, you can view the entire story as a pdf file!

Here's a bit of what Sleestak has to say on the subject:

"In Strange Adventures #79 (April 1957) the story 'Invaders from the Ice World' is an entry typical of that era of DC. It has the familiar plot featuring a generic Science Detective going up against an invading force that uses technology far in advance of Earth, is invulnerable to brute force and atomic weapons, yet who are beaten back by wits, brains and sometimes simple parlor tricks."

The 'generic science detective' in this particular case was the recurring character Darwin Jones.
Jones was sort of a 1950's version of
Agent Fox Mulder (all the curiosity, with none of the discipline problems), and had made his first appearance all the way back in
Strange Adventures #1.

This issue of the classic anthology book Strange Adventures is also a perfect example of the policy at DC Comics (and likely many other publishers) in those days; That of writing the story AFTER having created a compelling cover to accompany it.
The more outlandish the better...

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