Sunday, December 2, 2007

Klark Kent - 'Don't Care' 7-inch EP (1978)

Klark Kent was for a time a solo project alter-ego for
Stewart Copeland, drummer for The Police, in which he played all the instruments.

(Though perhaps he had a backing band for public appearances - - or not - - as evidenced in the snippet of video attached to this link.)

Quoting the entry at, despite an elaborate backstory created for the persona - -
" reality, Copeland merely wanted to record songs he wrote for the Police that Sting didn't like."

The geezerly footnote
I (of course) recall for Klark Kent is his instrumental,
'Theme For Kinetic Ritual'
- - For a few years in the '80's it was the opening theme to the IRS label's show,
'The Cutting Edge' on MTV.

(Gee, 'Cutting Edge on MTV' sounds like such an oxymoron, he said snottily.)

From the Klark Kent 7-inch EP (Kryptone Records, 1978),
Listen to:

Don't Care
Office Girls

(click for audio)


Devil Dick said...

i'd like to say many thanks for linking my tiny blog. I dig this place here, it's pretty groovy!

Anonymous said...

My geezerly footnote is that Copeland was (perhaps) threatened with lawsuit by Warner, who owned the TM on the name "Clark Kent", and Copeland authored a press release stating that the name of the artist in question was pronounced "Clerk Cunt".

The In Crowd said...

Hi Anonymous - -

I don't recall the pronunciation/lawsuit anecdote, but I do remember in later years the name was changed to 'Klerk Kant', likely for the same reasons.

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