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Brian Browne Trio - Flowers On The Wall b/w Blues For The U.F.O.'s (late 1960's??)

Canadian Jazz pianist Brian Browne was a talented young prodigy when he left his native Montreal as a teen and began playing nightclubs in Ottawa.

Subsequently he was enrolled at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, where he won a scholarship to study under jazz great Oscar Peterson.

By the late 1960's he was playing dates and recording with bassist Skip Beckwith and
drummer Donald Vickery.

I can't quite draw a bead on any release date info for this single, or find any reference to the Academy label.

The Statler Brothers had their hit with 'Flowers On The Wall' in 1966, and the bulk of recorded cover versions of the tune seemed to fall between '66 and '68.

A small label and a slight Ramsey Lewis feel to the record (note what sounds like faked 'live' nightclub noise in the intros) - - It makes want to guess that it came out right around '68, give or take, just prior to signing with bigger labels for his first LPs.

Or I guess it could be following the early albums...
...Feel free to drop a line and set the record straight!

It looks like Brian Browne was based out of Toronto in the 1970's, and back to Ottawa in the '80's.

After a long residency in New York City, in more recent years he's been back in Canada where he continues to perform.

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Brian Browne Trio -
Flowers On The Wall

Academy Records 45,
(release date unknown)
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Listen to:
Brian Browne Trio -
Blues For The U.F.O.'s

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