Tuesday, December 4, 2007

78s fRom HeLL: Two by Raymond Scott and his New Orchestra (1939 - 1940)

By the late 1930's Raymond Scott's renowned 6-piece 'Quintette' had received much acclaim and were kept busy.

But times were changing, and brilliant innovator Raymond Scott was restless.

According to Scott biographer Irwin Chusid, Scott "...expanded the Quintet into a big band for several reasons: large dance bands were in vogue; a larger ensemble presented a challenge to this restless musical nomad; and Scott probably wanted to follow the example of one of his idols, Glenn Miller."

Here are a couple of 'New Orchestra' studio tracks that (to my knowledge) are currently out-of-print. Enjoy!

Listen to:
Raymond Scott and his New Orchestra -
Just A Gigolo
(Columbia 78, 1939)
(click for audio)

Listen to:
Raymond Scott and his New Orchestra - Business Men's Bounce (Columbia 78, 1940)
(click for audio)

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