Thursday, July 17, 2008

Women and Carrots Have One Enemy In Common! (1941 print ad)

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What a huge relief to discover that it's merely dryness that is the common enemy of both woman and carrot.

I'm afraid I was picturing giant misogynist jackrabbits...

... though it remains unclear how the three-way protection of proper moisture, clean-washed, vitalized air and constant cold available in an old air-conditioned ice refrigerator will guard a woman's skin against rapid drying out and the exchanging of flavors.

Do you suppose the National Association of Ice Industries is still around to answer questions like this one?


PIGNOUF said...

congratulation for your blog !

Donna Lethal said...

Art Frahm?
Bugs Bunny?

Other jealous root vegetables?

Toestubber said...

The (competing?) National Ice Assn might have something to say about that.

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