Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dave Dudley - Lonelyville (1966)

Legendary country singer
Dave Dudley had his first big hit in 1963, when his 'Six Days On The Road' landed him a recording contract with the Mercury record label, and did much to set the popularity of truck-driving songs in motion.

He was often referred to as 'the father' of the genre, though he performed a great many songs on other subjects as well.

Dudley's Mercury albums from the 1960's and early '70's are all pretty amazing and iconic, each in their own way.

My personal favorite has long been 'Lonelyville', though its theme and mood was a bit of departure from the hell-raising, flag-waving, hard-drinking, and skirt-chasing songs found on most of the other LPs. I suppose there's still some drinking on this one, but it tends to be drinking done alone.

If the album had nothing on it but Tom T. Hall's 'Coffee, Coffee, Coffee' it would likely still be my favorite Dave Dudley record.


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From Dave Dudley's 'Lonelyville' LP,
(Mercury Records, 1966), Listen to:

Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)
Oh Lonesome Me
Lonely Street
Seven Lonely Days
At The Junction
Time And Place
Journey To The Center Of Your Heart
Lonely Corner
That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
Just Call Me Lonesome

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ADDENDUM, 9.18.08: Another Dave Dudley LP posted!
Follow link to 1969's 'George And The North Woods'.


Anonymous said...

This is actually one of the first albums I ever owned. And Coffee, Coffee, Coffee has always been my very favorite. Some along the way the record was lost (it was actually my parents) and I have been searching for the song for years. Thanks so much for posting.

Anonymous said...

Kind thanks! Marvellous!

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