Monday, August 20, 2007

78s fRom HeLL: Ernie Felice Quartet - Oodles of Boodle and Batches of Scratch (circa 1948)

Here's a mello-roonie little number with lyrics chock-full of vintage hipster lingo.
Dig it!

In the 1920's, Ernie Felice began studying the accordion as a child, while growing up in and around San Jose, California.

By the time he'd graduated high school, Felice had already begun to develop his unique 'orchestral' style of arranging compositions for the accordion.

In the late 1930's he was playing and touring with a San Francisco-based group, The Four Sharps.

Felice spent WWII playing in an Air Corps entertainment unit, and post war he was a member of Benny Goodman's orchestra.

His quartet signed with Capitol Records in 1947.

(Background info came primarily from a 1949 feature article on Felice that ran in an issue of 'Accordion World', on view at the JANPress website for accordion instructional materials.)

See also: 'In Tune With Fun'
- - an 8-page accordion-positive comic book from the 1950's, archived for viewing at Comics With Problems. (click for links)

Session Line-up:
Vocal, Accordion - Ernie Felice
Clarinet - Dick Anderson
Bass - Chick Parnell
Guitar - Dick Fisher

Listen to:
Ernie Felice Quartet -
Oodles of Boodle and Batches of Scratch
(Capitol Records 78, circa 1948)
(click for audio)

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Matthew said...

Thanks for the recording. My Great Uncle was Dick Anderson, Clarinetist.

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