Friday, August 24, 2007

US-Imported Fiat Station Wagon print ad, 1965

"All the 'extras' at no extra cost", it says...

...So presumably then, the woman was a stock accessory, not an optional add-on?

If she was shipped with the car direct from the factory, did she at least get to ride *inside* the car during the trip over on the container ship?

Who handled the insurance for that? Did that cost factor in to the price of the car?

Wouldn't the station wagon need to be cleaned upon arrival? I mean, after this woman had been living in it, or on top of it for a while?

Would she have needed a passport? A green card? Or a pink slip?

Was she under warranty?

This ad leaves SO many unanswered questions...

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Junk Thief said...

It does raise many questions. If she were a stow away, why would she cavort on the top so brazenly as she is brought of the ship? I don't like the angle of the car. It looks like it (and she) will not land safely.

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