Friday, August 3, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 08/03/07

1. Joe Sixpack's SLIPCUE E-zine:
"Friendly, Free Music Reviews and Other Fun Stuff. All Substance, No Style."

Herr Sixpack has been a good pal for a good number of years, going back to the beginning of my tenure at KALX.

As long as I've known him he's been an avid and insightful music reviewer - - perhaps you've seen his comments over at Amazon?

Via his slipcue site, he's been dispensing some great music recommendations for several years now. He's an authority on all stripes of Country (a.k.a. 'Hick Music'), and he excels at making various types of World Music more accessible to us insulated and ignorant Americans. His section on Brazilian music is indispensible.

Highly opinionated (and the first to admit it), but not a smarmy know-it-all, I urge you to to check out Joe Sixpack's Slipcue.

I had an e-mail from Joe this morning and he added a juicy PS - - "I am checking out a très cool French music site, for a label called Tôt ou Tard ('sooner or later' ). Nice mellow stuff, along the lines of Francoiz Breut, et al... LOTS of full-song sound samples, lovely to listen to... I am busily setting links to it from my site... and wishing I had the cash to buy the ones I like!"

I've been looking and listening as I compose this. Sure enough, that Tôt ou Tard is WAY très cool - - !

2. That's Mr. Travolta on the left, and Ms. Aniston on the right, in case you had any trouble recognizing either of them.

There's plenty of wicked and catty chuckles to be found over at PlanetHiltron.Com. (click for link)

Via the magic of Photoshop, they've performed transformations on various celebrities. They've been either cast into some unusual or compromising situations, or even worse, portrayed as merely average humans.

3. Upcoming releases on DVD this September include a slew of classic horror and sci-fi titles, and the welcome return of MGM/Fox's 'Midnite Movies Double Features' series.

Vintage horror, sci-fi and thriller titles coming soon include: The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues / The Beast with 1,000,000 Eyes, Yongary / Konga, The Beast Within / The Bat People, Gorilla At Large / Mystery On Monster Island, Chosen Survivors / The Earth Dies Screaming, as well as a Vincent Price Box that includes Witchfinder General and several others.

You can see a special page full of cover scans devoted to this series over at DVD Drive-In, as well as info and images of other similar boxsets coming soon, like the 'Universal Horror: Classic Movie Archive' set, or 'The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection, Volume 2' and others.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: If you'd like to make me extremely cheerful, drop me a line and share your information on how / where I can find a DVD copy of director Ugo Gregoretti's 1963 black & white Italian sci-fi comedy 'Omicron'.

It used to run on TV occasionally when I was a kid, and I still remember it as being particularly crazy fun. I'd love to see how it compares with my ancient memories of it...

4. I finally tracked down a copy of the most recent album from The Watzloves! It's great!

They're my very favorite Hamburg & Louisiana-based punk-zydeco & swamp R&B band, and their latest CD is 'Catch Me A Possum', released on the infamous Voodoo Rhythm record label, out of Bern, Switzerland.

Watzloves albums can be a bit difficult to find, at least here in the U.S. I'll guess that it's easier in Europe.
The first LP is sadly out of print. The AMAZING second album, 'Rockin' Country Gumbo' is a bit easier to locate.
All three are worth the hunt!

Whether performing solo as 'The NoManBand', as a duo with DM Bob, or as a trio with the addition of Jakobus, lead vocalist / accordionist Silke Thoss is just one hard-rockin' badass babe, and I mean that with all due respect and awe.

Through the magic of YouTube, ⬇ here's a clip of The Watzloves performing 'Girl Called Trouble', recorded live at La Crepe Nanou, New Orleans, Louisiana on 4/22/07.

Some further links:

Check out Silke's homepage for photos, info, and a gallery of her paintings.

Silke also is a member of a three-woman garage-rock trio, Hoo Doo Girl. They should (hopefully) have their first CD out by the end of this year, released by the German Hazelwood record label. For more info and some mp3s, follow link to Hoo Doo Girl on MySpace.

Likewise more mp3s and info: Voodoo Rhythm label on MySpace

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