Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Stereos - Stereo Freeze, Parts 1 & 2 (1967)

WIth their origins going back to Steubenville, Ohio in the mid-1950's, The Stereos had been through several changes in name, personnel, and record labels by the time this 45 single was released on the Cadet label in 1967.

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Marv Goldberg's R&B Notebooks and read how a vocal harmony group, The Montereys, became The Hi-Fi's, and then The Buckeyes, before scoring their one, nearly all instrumental national hit years later as The Stereos.

Session Line-up:
Vocals - Ronnie Parks
Tambourine - Bruce Robinson
Bass - Jerry Williams
Guitar - Nathaniel Hicks
Guitar - Solomon Huffman
Drums -Dan Walters

Listen to: The Stereos - Stereo Freeze Part 1 (Cadet Records 45, 1967)

Listen to: The Stereos - Stereo Freeze Part 2 (Cadet Records 45, 1967)

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Anonymous said...

GREAT, GREAT GREAT! I've been trying to find this one for the longest! You should post this on YouTube, but be careful: There is another artist, Jackie Mittoo posted on the same web site with his own version of "Stereo Freeze".

More Luck,

Phurcat said...

If you look on the label, you see the last name "Collins". The Collins they're referring to is my Grandfather Ronnie Collins.

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