Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Yuk Yuk Clown Doll versus Big Loo: Pure Evil ??

The other day, 'I'm Learning To Share' visitor Joshua Turner sent these photos along to share with you.

He postulates that the doll is 'pure evil', and says, "I couldnt tell you what year this is from, but it's good stuff. You press his belly, you get a maniacal laugh... good stuff."

I replied to Josh that the *vibe* I received from the Yuk-Yuk doll (not it's design) reminded me of the 'Big Loo' toy that my next-door neighbors had when I was a little kid.

My older sister was best-friends with their daughter. I'd tag along on her visits and ask to see 'The Witch Robot' again, even though the thing kind of terrified me.

It was creepy but fascinating, especially in the array of functions it had.

Now, as is often the way, I discover that when Marx Toys released it back in 1963 it was in a limited run of only 5000.
Creepy, fascinating, and very rare.

The neighbors would dress it up on Halloween and set it out by the front door with their jack o'lanterns.

See also:
Big Loo at The Marx Museum

Big Loo, with box and instructions at a RobotNut gallery

A vintage Big Loo TV commercial over at YouTube

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The Yuk-Yuk clown is actually probably the more evil of the two.

Big Loo the Moon Robot can't help his appearance, but he's your friend. Even ready to 'fight for you'.

Yuk-Yuk's agenda is a bit more mysterious. Is he laughing with you or at you...?


ally. said...

jeez that's ruined my mid morning forty winks. i might never be able to sleep again.

Anonymous said...

These are terrifying and, I'm sure, must have created many unbalanced people. That Witch robot thinghy scares the bejeesus out of me. I'm going to make it my screen saver.

Anonymous said...

the clown haunts my dreams... I should try and get a mp3 together of the laugh that eminates from this thing, it's pretty scary.
thanks for the link to!

Anonymous said...

When I was 5 I got a "Big Loo" for Christmas. I loved that robot more then life itself. I even tied a string from big loo to my foot at night so he wouldn't run away. In retrospect, I'd buy a "big loo" for my kids (if they were available) but I'd explain that loo wasn't going anywhere without them.

robbibub said...

This is so cool. I got a "Big Loo" when I was a little kid at Christmas. I never knew what he was called or that he could shoot water from his bellybutoon. And I didn't know he was so rare either. As far as I know, he is still up in my mom's attic after all these years.
Anyone know what he's worth? Maybe keeping him in that hot attic all these years wasn't a good idea. As far as I know he's still in good shape.

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