Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Amerika - Flying Upside Down / The Sky Is Falling (1970)

Fuzz guitar, throbbing vibrato organ, appropriately affected vocals, and 'heavy', slightly cryptic lyrics that speak to dissillusionment.

Pretty much everything you'd want or expect from a 1970 pop-psychedelia 45.

So who were these guys?

I'm not finding any info out there on the band, the Los Angeles-based record label, songwriter Clyde Johnson, or producer Roger Koch.

I need an uber-authority, like an Alec Palao or someone who can share that information and educate us all.

Amerika. With a 'K'.
Ring any bells?

In the meantime, enjoy the music...

(click for audio)

Listen to:
Amerika -
Flying Upside Down

(Viking 45, 1970)

Listen to:
Amerika -
The Sky Is Falling

(Viking 45, 1970)

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