Friday, May 18, 2007

Jerry and Mel - Double Whammy b/w Confessions Of A North Beach Poet

An odd little footnote of a record from a pair of industry insiders. I'd love to know more about how this record came about...

To me, 'Double Whammy' sounds like it could have easily been written for Don & Dewey.

The novelty B-Side sounds like it might have been done as a goof just to fill out the record, along the same lines as the standard practice of several of the Brill Building crowd.

From what I've been able to gather, the songwriting/production team of Jerry Marcelliino and Bob Larsen had already been in the music business a few years when this 45 was released sometime in the mid-1960's on the Warner Bros. label.

I'll guess that they were not a performing act, and that this single was not intended as a big career move.
(But please feel free to correct me and fill in the blanks!)

By the very early '70's they were working with Bobby Darin. Soon after they were writing and producing for several artists at the Motown label, primarily The Jackson Five and early solo projects for Michael Jackson.

Listen to: Jerry and Mel - Double Whammy (click for audio)

Listen to: Jerry and Mel - Confessions Of A North Beach Poet (click for audio)

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Boursin said...

An altogether great record I didn't know about - thanks a lot for introducing me to it!

It was actually recorded sometime in 1960 (judging by the "CX" matrix number prefix - Warner changed the first letter every year) and released around December '60/January '61. The catalogue number 5195 is four numbers before the Everly Brothers' "Walk Right Back", a hit beginning in early February. The beatnik spoof of "Confessions of a North Beach Poet" would probably have sounded dated by the mid-'60s...

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