Monday, May 14, 2007

Fashion Parade at City Lights Books, 1965

Among the many features that make San Francisco one of the world's greatest cities is its impressive list of truly wonderful bookstores.

City Lights has been an SF landmark since 1953, (officially so since 2001) and not merely for its significance in the history of the Beat movement and First Amendment rights cases.

I found this photo spread in an old and weathered 'Womens' section (read: wedding announcements and fashion) from the 8/22/65 Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. (photos by Peter Breinig)

I saw many colorful characters in my visits to City Lights over the years, but I don't recall encountering many smartly-dressed women posing among the bookshelves. (Well... at least not of this variety.)


Anonymous said...

Hi -- I followed the link in the City Lights newsletter. Thanks for sharing this! It's a pity the photo spread wasn't in color... those dresses sound pretty colorful.

Giovanni said...

I just discovered "I'm Learning to Share" today and I've been reading it all day long - I know this is an old posting (about six months old), but it's stuff like this that has made it impossible for me to stop going through your archives!

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