Friday, May 4, 2007

The Two Things In One - Overdose

Golly gee, not a bit of info about this band, at least nothing I've been able to lay hands on so far.

This song is the rolling, funky, growling soul B-side to a pretty tepid and mellow A-side.

I'll take a whiff and guess we're talking smack dab in the mid-1970's.

Shall we assume that Music City Records was based in Nashville? (no, turns out we shan't*) Who do you suppose the vocalist is?

Feel free to jump in any time here and set the record straight...

*ADDENDUM 5/5/ - 5/7/07: Ask and ye shall receive. Bless the internet, and the people out there with all the answers. Check the comments on this post for the pertinent info on this band and their releases! Thanks all!

Listen to: The Two Things In One - Overdose (click for audio)


Kees said...

Other releases by this (studio?) band:
Music City Records 890: Snag Nasty / Silly Song (as "The Music City Two in One",
Music City Records 891: Stop Telling Me / Together Forever.
Music City Records was a Bay area funk label, based in Berkerley CA.
Releases prob. 1970-75.

Anonymous said...

"Over Dose" was released in 1974, the third of three singles by this band. The first was "Silly Song" in 1971, the second was "Together Forever" in 1973. All three on the Music City label. The lead singer was Michael Jeffries, who sang with Tower of Power in the late 70s and early 80s.

Anonymous said...

I think "Silly Song" is much older than 1971. I played violin on it in, I think, 1964 or 1965. (badly, but I got better and I'm still working as a violinist at age 61). Working for Music City was a real eye-opener, and helped form my lifelong love of soul and funk. I also got to go to lunch with Ahmet Ertegun, along with the rest of the studio crew, when he blasted through town looking to buy up a "regional breakout" side to re-release on Atlantic.

By the way, I just found your blog, and I LOVE it! So much good stuff!! My girlfriend and I have been getting lost in the King Novelty pages!! (We ordered from their competitor, Johnson Smith in Detroit, when we were kids...)

Keep up the very good work, please!!

John Tenney
Lafayette CA

Anonymous said...

Here is a bit of good news for you. There is a rare basement recording from 1970 soon to be released. Titles to include: "Choirs In My Teardrops" & "Let's Get It Together", performed by Two Things In One, produced by Elijah Cole.

Anonymous said...

I was searching online for rare 45 RPM records on Ebay and I came across a rare, never before released 1970 copy of the Two Things In One. After listening to a soundclip on YOUTUBE.COM, it is definitely the voice of "Michael Jeffries" on lead vocals. The name of the songs are Choirs In My Teardrops & Let's Get It Together. Can anyone give me any feedback on this recording?

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