Friday, May 4, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 05/04/07

1. Recently I came upon two websites whose intent and 'mission' are pretty much polar opposites, but they both made me smile.

Go check out BalloonHat and Hate Book and see if you don't have the same reaction.

2.We're entering into prime garage sale-ing season. Happy hunting.

3. I was *almost* surprised how much I enjoyed the bits and pieces I saw of the 2-part 'Brando' documentary that ran on TCM this past week. - - And knowing their M.O., it's a safe bet I'll have more opportunities to catch the whole thing. Maybe I'll get it together to set my VCR this time. (remember VCR's?)

4. Critters. Do you pay attention to the critters in your neighborhood? Are you lucky enough to have some?

Back in California, it was the squirrels, the blue jays, the turkey vultures, the occasional raccoon and the ever-present deer. When one of my nieces was little, I remember once we were watching the family of deer that pretty much lived in our backyard all Summer. She asked me, "Who do those deer belong to? Who takes care of them?", and had trouble comprehending that in that suburban neighborhood, they belonged to no one and took care of themselves. As I think of it now, the day may be coming when that's a pretty remarkable feat.

Here, still settling into a new neighborhood in another state altogether, it's a different cast of critter characters. There are the interesting 'kept' ones; the screaming peacocks, the llamas, the goats, the miniature horses and their amazing miniature colts. I suppose I'm glad that I'm NOT dealing with 'pests' like the bobcats and wolves and bears with which some folks not too far away have to contend. The terrier in the house is already very vocal about the occasional scent he catches of visiting fox and coyote... (and of course the labrador doesn't care)

...But the wild ducks and geese are fun, and the prairie chickens are a trip. A couple weeks back I counted dozens of jackrabbits chasing each other and humping in a nearby field of sage. I've gotten to where I can recognize a particular enormous hawk that's laid claim to a few pastures in the 'hood, and it's fun to watch the smaller kestrels stay out of his way.

I hope you have critters you can enjoy where you are, and I hope you're remembering to enjoy them while you can.

5. Comedian Steven Wright's latest stand-up concert to be released on DVD is called 'Steven Wright: When the Leaves Blow Away'.

I rented it a couple of nights ago. It's great, and it leaves you wanting more. He's still got it, and it's still working. The brain-bending juxtapositions, the perfectly apt non sequiturs, and the deadpan delivery that still makes me think of Jackie Vernon.

You can view a preview clip of the video here, and you might want to take a peek at his website, too.

I gather also that there are several 'Steven Wright Quotations' pages to be found around the net, but oddly, many of them include material that he never wrote. An interesting phenomenon, is that close enough to be considered 'homage'?

6. HEY! Have you seen the 'Leave It To Beaver' letter over at Shorpy: The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog? Gee, maybe you oughta go see. You don't want people thinking you're some kinda creep or nothin'...

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