Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monopoly Queen - Let's Keep It Friendly (plus 'Avengers' link update!)

This was one of the Sub Pop label's 'singles of the month' back in 1994.

I remember back when I was a brand-new DJ trainee at KALX in Berkeley, immersed in my obligatory graveyard training shifts, and this 7" made its first appearance in the new release bin in the record library.

The 'Mrs. Miller-esque' A-side didn't do much for me (surprisingly), but I thought this B-side had just the right goofy charm for 4 in the morning.

I think I used to try and pair it up with Mo Tucker's cute and quiet vocals on The Velvet Underground's 'After Hours'.
(a staple of college radio)

Huh. Gosh, it's been just a few years - - maybe it's time to try that segue again.

The lead vocalist for Monopoly Queen was Mary Ellen Carver, Lisa "Suckdog" Carver's Mom. Lisa was then known primarily for her zine Rollerderby. She pitched the record concept to Sub Pop records (and to her Mother) following a dream she'd had.

The backing band was Combustible Edison, then right at the fore-front of the nineties' lounge-exotica revival.

⬅ Here, let me take this opportunity to show off the genuine Combustible Edison promotional coaster that I've treasured since way back when. Ooohh...

Singing in duet with Mary Ellen Carver on this track is daughter Lisa's then-partner, Industrial musician and professionally creepy prankster, Boyd Rice.

...and Lisa is one of the meowing background vocalists.

Listen to: Monopoly Queen - Let's Keep It Friendly (click for audio)

ADDENDA, 1.12.10:
Oh, silly ignorant me...

I hadn't a clue when posting this (a couple of years back now) that 'Let's Keep It Friendly' was a cover tune.

Puts a slightly different light on the Monopoly Queen single, but raises the cachet of the song...

Click here NOW for an old post at YOU CAN GET WITH DISS...: and check out Patrick MacNee &
Honor Blackman of the old 'Avengers' Brit-TV series, singing 'Let's Keep It Friendly' and
'Kinky Boots' on a single originally released in 1964.

Cool, by definition!

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