Friday, May 25, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 05/25/07

1. Hay Fever season doesn't last forever. (sniff, honk, wheeze)

2. A couple of recently announced upcoming (US-region 1) DVD releases:

- 'A Bit of Fry and Laurie' Complete Season 3 & 4 boxsets, coming in July.

Huzzah! Can't wait. Sorry, but I still can't hang with watching Hugh Laurie (OBE) as 'House', because I know that Bertie Wooster and either of his Georges from 'Blackadder' are still in there somewhere. That's the Hugh Laurie I imprinted on so long ago. Well... it's probably because of that prior history, but likely also it's the weird American accent.

Here's a video clip link to that favorite musical number from an earlier season of 'A Bit of Fry & Laurie'.

Also, are you familiar with their 1988 BBC radio series? If not, check this out.

- And coming in August, it's The Myrna Loy and William Powell Collection. Five of their 'no Nick nor Nora' films from 1934 - 41.

Having loved them co-starring together in all of the Thin Man movies (even the lame ones), it's a treat to have an opportunity to catch them again, even in different roles.
I know I'll miss Asta, though...

3. The eclecticism and range of the web. I'm constantly finding more stuff that makes me say 'wow'. Name it, it's out there - - as you well know. I love finding cool stuff, and I love posting some of the links and tidbits.
- - Just like everybody else.

Maybe it's all just non-essential ephemera, maybe not. I guess I'm just old enough to still be impressed, remembering when all this information, all these sights and sounds were not ubiquitous and instantaneous.

Gol-lee gosh, that intra-net.

Impressed? Naw, even though I live with it every day, I suppose it's still more akin to 'awestruck'.

More links found to more things to see out there...

Frisbee Collective: A gallery of flying discs
MOBA - THe Museum Of Bad Art
Roadside America - Your Guide To Uniquely Odd Tourist Attractions

- - and a batch of a few new additions sitting on that MoOm Annex page- -
(See my previous post.)

The Webseum of Pocket Protectors
The Mao Suit Museum
Compact Cassette J-Card Gallery
Orange papers and Match box labels at flickr.
A Timeline History of the IBM Typewriter

- - and too, too many more.

4. It's been out for a while, but I finally grabbed myself a copy of the 'Rubber Room: The Haunting Poetic Songs of Porter Wagoner 1966-1977' CD.

It's a great collection of some of Porter's oddest 'deep album' cuts. If you've haunted enough record bins, you've likely noticed several old LPs of his with some curious cover art. (Here's a few examples from someone else who's noticed it too)

There's likewise a surprising number of superbly dark and dramatic songs that Wagoner recorded over the years, and as part of their on-going country reissues, the Omni label out of Australia has done a nice job of compiling some of them.

You can listen to the CD's title track over at The Omni Recording Corporation's MySpace page.

Now I'm curious about the *new* Porter Wagoner CD, 'The Wagonmaster', set for release in just a couple weeks on the (oh-so-hipsterish) ANTI- label. Looks like he's just now being given that familiar 'Rick Rubin-esque we-now-embrace-you-as-cool-and-alternative' treatment that Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Neil Diamond and others have been treated to in recent years. And therefore it looks like Porter's music will be visiting some of those dark corners again. Should be interesting.

There's a press release along with some preview video and audio available at the ANTI- website.

5. The 'NPR template for interviewing musicians' from Jon Carroll's column in this morning's SF Chronicle.

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