Monday, October 6, 2008

78s fRom HeLL: Severino Araujo - Rhapsody in Blue (circa 1946)

Clarinetist and orchestra leader Severino Araujo has led Brazil's venerable dance band Orquestra Tabajara since 1938.

Many thanks to an anonymous reader for sharing this amazing samba reading of the classic Gershwin melody.

The story goes that this recording was a national success when it was released, although at the time it was also met with controversy for not being of Brazilian origin.

Listen to:
Severino Araujo & Orquestra Tabajara -
Rhapsody in Blue

(Continental Records 78, circa 1946)

(click for audio)

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Anonymous said...

i really like this record, the rhythms of this to samba - severino is something like the barry moral of brazil - thanks for sharing!!

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