Thursday, October 23, 2008

There's a Tom Lehrer concert video!?!!

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When were you planning on telling me about this?

Is this old news? 'Cuz it's a revelation to me.
Gosh, I haven't been this excited since last month's Nichols & May bonanza!

I just stumbled onto 'The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel' at YouTube.

It's a collection of Tom Lehrer performing 12 of his songs in rare video clips of a European concert taped in 1967, shortly before he retired from active performing to resume full-time teaching.

Just like so many other people of my generation, Tom Lehrer's brilliantly satirical musical comedy records were a part of my formative years, and just like so many other people, I knew most every song by heart.

But despite the familiarity of his music, much of Lehrer himself remained enigmatic.

There were no photos of Mr. Lehrer on any of his LPs, and I was just a little too young to have seen him on the U.S. version of 'That Was The Week That Was' when it aired on TV.

Seeing photos of Lehrer much later was a sort of curious experience, as I tried to reconcile his appearance with whatever hazy mental image I'd been carrying around since childhood.

Given that lack of previous visual reference, I think it's really fun and revelatory to see Lehrer actually performing in these recently-surfaced video clips.

Mostly, it's just something I never thought I'd see.

Head over to the 'The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel' and see for yourself.

Accessing the Main Playlist page will give you the option to watch all of the videos play out in sequence.

Scrolling down to the page's 'Favorites' section will also display some of the paltry few other Tom Lehrer video clips from other sources that have been floating around in recent years.

They may not be as cool as the European concert footage, but it's a blessing to have more choices.

Just a taste below; ▼ Tom Lehrer performs 'The Masochism Tango'

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