Friday, October 3, 2008

Louis Prima and Space Junk

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Oh, the places you'll go when running a google search in our modern, information-saturated age...

...So there I was, innocently searching the web for any quick bits of background info regarding 'Beep Beep', a mid-1950s song (with proto-space age sound FX) from lounge lord Louis Prima, in preparation for submitting the song (with spoken intro) to a 'songs with sound effects in them' episode of the Contrast Podcast.

One nugget of news I encountered was that the song had been played in December of 2006 as a wake-up call aboard the international space station for astronaut
Sunita Williams.

Among Williams' achievements on her mission was having been the first person to run the Boston Marathon while in Earth's orbit.

A further bit of trivia happened while Williams was on one of several space walks, floating outside the station.
A camera she was carrying became untethered and floated away into space before she could do anything about it.

Where it gets more interesting is that the mishap was captured on video, and that we here on Earth can still watch the incident on YouTube.

(Found via Kempton Ideas Revolutionary, where you can also listen to Prima's
'Beep Beep'.)

What's more, that wayward camera is now among thousand of pieces of space junk circling the globe, all currently being fastidiously tracked by NASA's Orbital Debris Program Office.

Like bits of space junk in orbit, little 'pearls' of trivia collide and bounce off one another in interesting ways, but can soon become a dense cloud of data and just all too much to take in...

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