Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Johnny Carver - That's Your Hang Up (1969)

Leaving behind his Country-Gospel roots in his native Mississippi, singer-songwriter Johnny Carver moved to
Los Angeles in 1965, where he soon became lead vocalist in the house band at the Palomino Club.

He landed a record deal with Imperial in 1967, and recorded this perfect piece of country pop in '69, filling it with catchy hooks reminiscent of 'Memphis, Tennessee' and 'Last Train To Clarksville'.

Listen to:
Johnny Carver -
That's Your Hang Up

(Imperial Records 45, 1969)
(click for audio)

Carver met with greater commercial success beginning in the '70s and a move to the ABC record label.
Many of his bigger hits were with country-fied covers of rock & pop chart-toppers like 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree' and 'Afternoon Delight'.

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