Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Halloween Podcast return(ed) from the dead

Oh, that's right - - Halloween is upon us. Almost didn't notice.

Speaking of almost not noticing, is there an election coming up? I thought I might have heard something the other day.

I guess I'd better investigate. Might be important...

No, but seriously: Halloween.

I dug out a special spooky Halloween show that I programmed a couple of years back for Radio Boise.

Not many people (if any) heard it back then, so I thought I'd prop it up here, just for a limited time, you understand.

It's an ungainly huge audio stream - - a couple of hours long - - but it's loaded with strange and creepy and off-the-wall music and stories that might help with your Halloween mood or festivities.

It's also been stripped of the station I.D.s and other announcements, so at this point it plays more like a mixtape, I guess.

- Here's a playlist.

Enjoy, and have a great holiday!

- Click here to listen to a prohibitively long In Crowd Halloween podcast!

- UPDATE, : Halloween's gone from these parts for now, but if you're still curious, take a look around hereabouts, over in the audio annex.

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