Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Crowd of the month: The Living Guitars (1965)

Among producer Ethel Gabriel's many credits during her tenure at RCA Records was the creation of George Melachrino's
'Moods for Music' series of albums in the 1950's, which she followed up by masterminding the 'Living Strings' series of easy-listening LPs for RCA's 'budget' label, Camden.

The 'Living Strings' concept blossomed into several other instrumental series, including 'Living Guitars', which Gabriel put under the direction of prolific session guitarist Al Caiola, who was already working on a seemingly endless string of albums recorded under his own name at United Artists.

From the LP
'Teen Beat Discotheque'
(RCA-Camden Records, 1965),
listen to:

Living Guitars -
The "In" Crowd

(click for audio)

- Click here to see the LP liner notes in a new window.

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- In a 2007 audio slideshow from the Pocono Record, record producer Ethel Gabriel reminisces about her long career with RCA Records.

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