Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arthur Askey - Before Your Very Eyes (1976)

Much appreciation to Tim at Contrast Podcast for sending along this digitized LP.


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Liverpudlian comedian Arthur Askey (1900 - 1982) was an institution of the British entertainment industry for decades.

He came up through the music halls in the early part of the 20th century, and performed for troops while in service during World War I.

Askey starred in the first sitcom to be broadcast on BBC radio, and was also featured in programming on the earliest form of BBC television broadcasts in the 1930's.

Several film appearances followed in the 1940's, and he became a staple of British TV from the 1950s into the '70s - - all in addition to his recording career.

On this album recorded in 1976, Askey reprised many of his most popular old songs.
Their silliness mixed with his charming delivery and the longevity of his career, giving Arthur Askey a multi-generational appeal.

From the LP
'Before Your Very Eyes'
(Argo Records, 1976),
Listen to Arthur Askey, with
Alan Cohen and his orchestra and Chris Hazell, piano:

All to Specification
The Bee Song
The Christening
Chirrup Chirrup
The Villain Still Persued Her
The Seagull
The Moth Song
The Budgerigar
The Seaside Band
Fighting With the Foreign Legion
The Pixie
The Worm
A Ballad (I Love The Swallows Flying By)
The Death Watch Beetle
Big Hearted Arthur

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- - OR download all 16 tracks in one 85.8 Mb zipfile.

- Click here to see back cover liner notes in a new window

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- As of this writing, several old feature-length Arthur Askey films are available
for online viewing at Veoh.Com.
(Setting up a free account may be required to view them in their entirety.)


Tim Young said...

I'm so glad that you were happy to post this. I'm sure lots of your readers will enjoy it. Askey was a real entertainment institution in the UK - so much so that his catchphrases are still heard from time to time. You should think of him as a shortcut to a whole era of comedy that has long since died.

There were some excellent parodys made about him on 'The Fast Show' a few years ago in the form of the 'Arthur Atkinson' sketches .. like this one.

Where's me washboard!!

amjamajazz said...

I've been looking for the Legion for years. I saw him do it once on the Good Old Days, with a massive pack dangling with pots and pans and all sorts of paraphernalia.
He slayed them. And the words stuck from that single take. He could do that. Great teacher.

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