Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Melvin Monster comics round-up

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Prolific and beloved comic book auteur John Stanley, creator of Little Lulu, introduced Melvin Monster in a Dell Comics series back in 1965.

Melvin was a kid monster who, despite the wishes of his parents ('Mummy and Baddy') was not so terribly interested in doing monstrous things - - though (like a certain friendly ghost) some people were not entirely convinced. Another outsider hero, a lovable misanthrope.

Magic Carpet Burn has recently posted the entire story from Melvin Monster #10 (an exact reprint of '65's issue #1) for us to enjoy, divided into its chapters.

- Follow links to:

Part 1: Like A Little Monster Shouldn't

Part 2: Teacher's Patsy

Part 3: Human Being Land

Part 4: A Home Away From Home

Part 5: The Collector

There are several spots around the web that have also been kind enough to post other exploits of Melvin and Company, in addition to those who focused on Melvin as a topic of discussion...

Follow links to:

- 'Crazy Klutch', from issue #5 at
Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine.

- 'Supermonster', from issue #8, reprinted at
the 'Stanley Stories' blog.
The post includes an examination of the character dynamics found in the series.

- Furthering such an examination,
'A very normal family', posted at headsOnBoards in Joyville compares and contrasts Melvin and other 1960's monster humor comics, such as Mr. and Mrs. J.Evil Scientist,
The Little Monsters, and Oona Goosepimple.
Many links are provided (including some you see here).

- A synopsis of issue #4 at Scott Shaw's Oddball Comics.

- A remembrance of Melvin at Til the Last Hemlock Dies.

- Drawn & Quarterly Comics have announced plans for
a series of John Stanley reprint books
As of this writing, that series should begin appearing next year, starting with a Melvin Monster collection, scheduled to show up sometime around May.

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I loved Melvin Monster! Glad to see someone else is keeping it alive. Thanks for posting this.

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