Friday, October 31, 2008

(link:) 'The Joe Sixpack Song' from Rita Abrams

I had a very nice e-mail out of the blue the other day from Rita Abrams, the once-upon-a-time 4th-grade school teacher in my home town, the same one who gave us all the once-upon-a-time hit song 'Mill Valley' way back in 1970.

Rita had seen the post I did about her last year, the one that featured the little Xmas song she recorded in 1976, when I had a pre-teen voice and was part of the children's chorus on the record.

ANYWAY - - We exchanged a couple of e-mails and caught up just a little, and she sent along a new song she's written, all about Joe Sixpack and his real plans for election day this coming Tuesday.

(This Tuesday! Finally, the election part of the election will be done, and we can get on with the rest of what lies ahead...)

Click over to Rita's blog to hear the new Joe Sixpack song, (with vocals by Marcus Uzilevsky), or you can also head to YouTube to watch the video.

Thank so much for sharing, Rita! Keep up the good work!

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