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78s fRom HeLL: Alvino Rey - Sepulveda (1946)

Sepulveda Boulevard is the longest street in the the city and county of Los Angeles, running from the north end of the San Fernando Valley to the south end of San Pedro, a distance of almost 43 miles.
If you've spent any significant amount of time driving in L.A., you've spent time on Sepulveda.

Alvino Rey (born Alvin McBurney in Oakland, California) was often described as the 'father' of the pedal steel guitar. He began playing in dance bands in the late 1920's, when he was also studying guitar with performer Roy Smeck.
In 1929 he adopted his stage name, hoping to cash in on the Latin music craze of the era.
By the 1940's he was leading his own big band.

'Sepulveda' was written by the Oscar-winning songwriting team of composer Jay Livingston and lyricist Ray Evans, whose many other notable credits include: 'Mona Lisa', 'Buttons And Bows', 'Silver Bells', 'Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)', and lest we forget -- The TV theme songs to Mr. Ed and Bonanza.

Recorded in 1946, 'Sepulveda' was released on the Capitol label as the flipside to Alvino Rey's guitar arrangement of 'Bumble Boogie'. Members of the orchestra's brass section on the session include Al Cohn, Zoot Sims, and Johnny Mandel.

NOTE: This song is NOT to be confused with 'Pico and Sepulveda', released the following year on the Ambassador label, and recorded under the name 'Felix Figueroa and His Orchestra' by a contingent from Freddy Martin's big band.

Listen to: Alvino Rey & His Orchestra (vocal by Jo Anne Ryan) - Sepulveda (click for audio)

ADDENDA, 5.10.09: For more of Alvino Rey, follow link to a recent post of music he recorded in 1959 under his pseudonym Ira Ironstrings.

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