Thursday, April 5, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful: week of 04/06/07

1. Spring weather, Spring blossoms, Spring color. But ask me again in a few weeks when/if my hayfever kicks in this year.

2. Some DVD boxsets releasing this July:
- The first in a series of 'definitive' Popeye cartoon sets. The ownership issues have been settled, apparently. Starting at the beginning with the Max Fleischer era, 'Volume One: 1933 -1938' will contain 60 uncut and unedited cartoons taken from original masters.

- In addition to Cartoon Network's 'Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law Vol. 3' set coming in July, the ongoing Hanna-Barbera back-catalog reissue will focus on two of their 1960's action-hero series' : 'Birdman & The Galaxy Trio' and 'Space Ghost & Dino-Boy'. I'm looking forward to seeing all the neato Alex Toth designs again...

3. The latest label-sampler CD from Vampisoul Records is titled 'Movers! A Collection of greasy soul, sleaze funk, psychedelic cumbia, fuzzy jazz and more...' - - which pretty much says it all. Very eclectic, and successful in inciting you to seek out more from each artist. Programmed with tight segues like a party mix, a joy to groove to.

4. I'd never heard of the Dust-To-Digital CD label out of Atlanta, GA, but last year they put out a BEAUTIFUL 3-CD boxset: 'How Low Can You Go? Anthology Of The String Bass (1925 - 1941)'. Gorgeous. Vintage blues, jazz, country, calypso, Hawaiian and more. Great sound, and pretty to look at with an exhaustive 96-page accompanying book. Golly.

5. I managed to find a relatively inexpensive copy of the art book, 'Miguel Covarrubias: Four Visions', and so far it's exceeded my already high expectations. As a kid, there was a big print of his 'Flora and Fauna of the Pacific' mural hanging in the bathroom. I knew of Covarrubias' art of the Pacific - - some of the Bali stuff, the Mexican culture stuff, but was completely unaware of the breadth of his styles, his drawings, and his commercial work. This book does a good job of roping it all together. SO cool.
Hey, maybe you should check out a little of his artwork - - ? Maybe try here, and here, and also here...

(UPDATE 2/4/08: Here's a link to a GREAT 'Homage to Covarrubias' video slideshow at YouTube.

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