Wednesday, April 18, 2007

(link:) Make your own record, cassette, ticket stub, church sign...

Last night I found the link to Says-It.Com while taking a peek at All About Nothing.

Just way too much fun!

Put your message on an image of a 45 label (or 78), cassettes, ticket stubs, church signs, etc.

I'm certain there are some perfectly useful and practical applications for these, but - - wheee! - - good silly free kicks, sez I.

- - And they let you futz with design elements, colors and styles, and so forth.

Oh, okay, practical: Take your finished jpeg for free, or there are options to pay to have it transfered on to a fridge magnet or sticker.

Be sure to also check out their links page for other similarly fun generators out there. Headstone, anyone? Street Sign?

Link to: Says-It.Com, record label generators and more

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