Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Different Side of Hank Ketcham, circa '46 - '54

Cartoonist Hank Ketcham had been working in the field for several years prior to creating Dennis The Menace in 1951. Most of the cartoons shown here appeared in the pages of True magazine.

In assembling this posting, I did a bit of hunting around and found this interesting blog article over at Today's Inspiration showing other examples of Ketcham's magazine work.

- - And then I *very* happily discovered that there is a new book coming, due for release this August, "Where's Dennis?: The Magazine Cartoon Art of Hank Ketcham".
Hurray! It's another project from editor Alex Chun, who in recent years has assembled similarly welcome collections of the artwork of Dan DeCarlo, Jack Cole, Russell Patterson and others.

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I found the cartoons shown above in a few different old & tattered 'pocket book' album collections.

These last two are from 1946, and display a bit of Ketcham's earlier, rougher style. I found them in one of Lawrence Lariar's 'Best Cartoons of The Year' books.

As an aside, on the few occasions when I've seen such early Ketcham art and have had trouble recognizing his style, I've found that if there's any doubt; Check for the way he draws creases and folds in pant-legs and sleeves. Bingo. All doubts removed!

ADDENDUM, 10.23.08: For still more 'Dennis-less Ketcham', see several great posts at
Those Fabuleous Fifties

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Excellent post! That girl who's mad about the donkey really looks like Alice.

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