Sunday, April 15, 2007

Steve White Quartet - My New Jet Plane (Flying Home)

Well golly, not easy to find much info on the Steve White Quartet, other than that he didn't record much.

Some sessions for World Pacific Jazz back in the mid-'50's, and a little bit on the Nocturne label.

He sails way out on his own tangent in this vocal treatment of Lionel Hampton's 'Flying Home'.

Maybe YOU can supply some more background info on this guy?

Looks like this was originally released as a single on the Pacific Jazz label, #629.
My version of this recording was taken from an old well-loved 45 with a messed-up label, a reissue (?) on World Pacific, #651.


Steve White, Vocal and Tenor Sax
Jimmy Rowles, Piano
Harry Babasin, Bass
Roy Harte, Drums

Listen to: Steve White Quartet - My New Jet Plane (Flying Home) (click for audio)

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