Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lena Zavaroni - River Deep, Mountain High

Lena Zavaroni was a Scottish singer whose huge voice rocketed her to fame in the UK in 1974, at the age of 10.

Her version of the classic pop song 'River Deep, Mountain High' appeared on her first LP, released that same year. Despite the song's lyrics, I always found it a little odd to have a child cover the bold Tina Turner showcase - - but darned if she doesn't pull it off.

Lena would go on to become a beloved fitxure of British TV on through her teens, but by her twenties her long-term battle with anorexia had taken its toll. She passed away in 1999 at the age of 35.

You can find out more by linking to the Lena Zavaroni tribute site...

...and you can see a mini-documentary of her career in this piece at YouTube.

Listen to: Lena Zavaroni - River Deep, Mountain High (click for audio)

PLUS from the same album, added by request...
Listen to: Lena Zavaroni - Help Me Make It Through The Night (click for audio)


jchoma said...

Thanks for sharing! Would love to hear more of Lena -- especially her later albums. Her life was such a tragic story, but she had a wonderful voice.

Unknown said...

to you who never met lena,she was wonderful,the best friend i ever had,one of the most kind,graceful people who i had the privilage to meet-i did not care about her looks,i loved her how she was,she was fabulous to talk to and to visit at her home she was a wonderful host,she will never be forgotten by me,Lena,lovely lena!Hoddesdon and the world miss you-i do,loved you very much--steve black,hoddesdon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Lena ! :) It's so hard to find any of her music online, its not on Itunes or anywhere ! .... Keep up the good work, be great to hear some more tracks :) Thanks

Debs said...

Lena was very special! I have been running her website for 10 years now, and met her 5 times. If you would like to visit my website, the address is: - Debs.

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