Monday, April 16, 2007

Nobody Talks About Widowmaker Anymore

Well, okay, almost nobody.

It being the internet, somebody's been discussing most anything you can name.

Headed by Mott The Hoople's lead guitarist, the band's pedigree included a *second* lead guitarist brought in from Hawkwind, a drummer from Lindisfarne, and a bass player from Chicken Shack.

For some great background info on this short-lived mid-1970's British band, please go to Mott the Dog's detailed Widowmaker article.

When I was a teen and immersed in (something approximating) my obligatory 'rocker' years, I thought Widowmaker's 2nd LP, 'Too Late To Cry' was pretty cool.

To my ears it had several memorable rock anthems, songs that I was surprised didn't find much recognition or (to my knowledge) ANY significant airplay on US radio waves.

Here's probably my fave tune from the album, and it's one that doesn't show up on their retrospective CD reissue.

Listen to: Widowmaker - Mean What You Say (click for audio)

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